Toshiba Chromebook Parts

Capital Data, Inc. provides parts and repair service for most Toshiba Chrombook models. Some of the parts available include: Chromebook Power Adapter Chargers, Chromebook Motherboards, Chromebook Batteries, Chromebook Keyboards, Chromebook Screens, Chromebook Cables, Chromebook DC Power Jacks, Chromebook Screen Hinges, Chromebook Plastics

toshiba chromebook series

  •  Toshiba 13 CB30-A3120
  •  Toshiba 13 CB30-B3122
  •  Toshiba 13 CB35
  •  Toshiba 13 CB35-B3330
  •  Toshiba 13 CB35-B3340
  •  Toshiba 13 CB35-C3300