Asus chromebook parts

Capital Data, Inc. provides parts and repair service for most ASUS Chromebook models. Some of the parts available include: Laptop Power Adapter Chargers, Laptop Motherboards, Laptop Batteries, Laptop Keyboards, Laptop Screens, Laptop Cables, Laptop DC Power Jacks, Laptop Screen Hinges, Laptop Plastics

ASUS Chromebook Models

ASUS Chromebook 10 C100PAASUS Chromebook 10 C101PA
ASUS Chromebook 11 C200MAASUS Chromebook 11 C201PA
ASUS Chromebook 11 C202SAASUS Chromebook 11 C213SA
ASUS Chromebook 11 C223NASUS Chromebook 13 C300MA
ASUS Chromebook 13 C201SAASUS Chromebook 14 C423N